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Basking Sharks: Who we were. What we did. Where to from here?

Hosted by:

Marine Education and Research Society (MERS)






Wednesday June 8




1:30 to 2:30 PDT


Youth Focus, Indoor or Virtual

Join @mersociety on June 8th, 2022 for a FREE webinar for schools about Basking Sharks: Who we were, what we did, and where to from here?

For Ocean's Day, Basking Sharks will be our ambassador for the amazing life that should be off our coast and what we can learn about mistakes from the past.

Our friend, shark scientist Romney McPhie will share her expertise, joined by MERS team member Jackie Hildering / @TheMarineDetective.

Please register at

In this presentation for students from grade 5 to 12, we will speak about the remarkable biology of this huge fish species that feeds on plankton and why they endangered.

A focus will also be on how human attitudes and knowledge have changed. Basking Sharks used to be killed, even by a government boat, because they were perceived to be a nuisance. They got caught in fishing nets at the surface which led to the nets being damaged.

We now understand so much better that if we cause the death of a species, this will have impacts on the ecosystem.

Students will learn about adaptations, conservation, ecosystem dynamics, and actions that help marine species.

Presentation will be ~30 minutes followed by ~15 minutes for questions.

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