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Seaweed Days - Virtual Events

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Cascadia Seaweed Presents Seaweed Days





Friday June 3, Saturday June 4, Sunday June 5, Monday June 6, Tuesday June 7, Wednesday June 8






Festivals & Excursions, Workshops, Indoor or Virtual

The thought of slowing climate change is often overwhelming, so much so that it leads to fear and inaction for individuals. But there is light where most people may not expect it!

Living in our oceans, capturing carbon, providing habitat, and adding oxygen to our atmosphere are brown, green and red seaweeds with so many potential uses — human food, pet food, livestock feed, bio-packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and more!

A little awareness mixed with a dash of innovation is a recipe for HOPE!

This is an invitation for you to share in that vision by participating in the second annual Seaweed Days event!

The 2022 FREE event opens with a global event called Seaweed Around the Clock on June 2, and concludes with World Ocean's Day on June 8. Festival headquarters and ground zero for the budding seaweed industry is Sidney, British Columbia.

The majority of components in 2022 will be VIRTUAL, however our Mindful Morning, brought to you by KOVE Ocean Foods and One Yoga is an IN PERSON FREE event (separate registration opens May 15th) for those able to join us on Vancouver Island, June 4th.

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