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Read about our Purpose, World Ocean Day and Ocean Week Victoria History, and our Partners.


Our Purpose

Collaboration, Learning, Empowerment

Ocean Week Victoria was launched in 2020 to connect and engage our community by providing a platform to support ocean-inspired events on southern Vancouver Island. We help facilitate and promote inclusive and accessible community events, no matter how large or how small, with a focus on education, conservation, and fun that inspires us all to take action!  


There is room for everyone ... residents, businesses, Indigenous groups, scientists, educators, and youth to get involved!

Ocean festivals on the Sidney waterfront and at Fishermans Wharf provide a beginning and end to 10 days of in-person and virtual events and activities, which grow in number and variety each year.  Do you have an idea that will educate, inspire, and empower people to become the best ocean steward they can?

Ocean Week Victoria is thrilled to be connected to the larger national initiative, Ocean Week Canada, as well as to broader international initiatives including the UN World Ocean Day and the World Ocean Day (Ocean Project)Check them out for more fun and ideas!

Ocean Week Victoria Celebrates Our Big Blue Backyard

Ocean Week Victoria Celebrates Our Big Blue Backyard

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Our Big Blue Backyard

Young and older members of our community express how they feel connected to the ocean, what it means to them, and why we need to protect it.

Our Partners

Ocean Week Victoria is a collaboration among a variety of organizations in Greater Victoria. The planning committee is comprised of volunteers from the following partners:  
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1992  A team from Canada proposed the idea of an Oceans Day at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, followed by the first Oceans Day event in Halifax

2008  In response to growing participation and petitions around the globe, the UN General Assembly designated June 8 as World Ocean Day

2019 Over 2000 WOD events were held in 140 countries. Inspired by Ocean Week Halifax, the initiative for a full week of activities call Ocean Week Victoria launched in Nov 2019!

2002  The Ocean Project began globally promoting World Ocean Day and launched the website to support event organizers; 25 events held in 15 countries

2011  World Ocean Day events started in Greater Victoria (possibly earlier!)

2020-2021 The Covid-19 pandemic meant a switch to virtual events, do-at-home activities. OWVic collaborated with the emerging Ocean Week Canada on a national program of online events. 

2022 "Join the Wave" event planning sessions were launched. Ocean Week Victoria featured 24 registered events by 20 host organizations, and became one of the Ocean Week Canada's hub cities.

2023 Ocean Week Victoria June 2nd-11th!

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