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Our mission is to build community partnerships and support local events and activities

that celebrate World Ocean Day.

We want to amplify your ocean-themed events and offerings during

Ocean Week Victoria, June 1-9, 2024!

Event criteria

Events that we post must fit the following criteria:


  • Align with Ocean Week Victoria's focus on education, conservation, and fun that inspires us to take action for the ocean.

  • Free if possible (if not, a portion of profits support ocean education or conservation)

  • Cross-promote other Ocean Week Victoria events on social media (@oceanweekvictoria)

  • Metrics and feedback on your event are shared back with Ocean Week Victoria (e.g., description of offering, number of attendees, overall feedback, etc.)


How to Register Events

Ocean Week Victoria is partnering with Ocean Week Canada to bring you a bigger and better Ocean Week! When you register your event with Ocean Week Canada, it will also appear on our Ocean Week Victoria Calendar.

  1. To register your event(s) for Ocean Week, sign up through the Ocean Week Canada Event portalIf you already have an account from a previous year, skip to step 3.

  2. You will receive an email back from Ocean Week Canada when your account is ready for you to create your event page(s)!

  3. Check out the Ocean Week Canada Event Host Brand Kit and Event Portal Manual.

  4. Login to your Ocean Week Canada event portal to register your event(s) and remember to select the Victoria Regional Hub/Ocean Week Victoria.

  5. After you have registered your event, events occurring in and around Victoria will also be added to the Calendar on this Ocean Week Victoria website so you only fill out ONE registration form!


Adding your event through Ocean Week Canada's website will bring your organization national recognition and allow anyone across Canada to search your event! 


If you are unable to register your event through Ocean Week Canada’s event registration portal, please send us your event info through our Contact Form


THANK YOU for Joining the Ocean Week Victoria Wave!  If your event meets the criteria above, register with  OCEAN WEEK CANADA!

Image by Diane Picchiottino
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