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Co-existing with the ocean and its many resources means being very cognizant of how we interact with ecosystems everywhere. Figuring out a sustainable level of fishing, tourism, and other ocean based interactions is crucial for the continuation of ocean and human well-being.


Sustainability Goals

Reflect: Do I interact with the ocean and its resources sustainably? Where can I find more information and learn to be a sustainably-minded ocean citizen?

Head to OceanWise’s website and take a look at what type of sustainably fished seafood you have access to near you.

Salish Sea Snippet

Sus Sat.png

Click the image to learn more about today’s theme and meet some local ocean people with Brett Soberg from Eagle Wing Tours.

Activities to Try

Parental Involvement Level Guide for Kids Category:


Children and youth can grab a device and join us on their own.


Parents will need to help with this activity from time to time for things like printing, cutting, or downloading.


This is a family activity that suggests going out of the house together or working with more complicated materials.

Best for: Kids (up to 10 years)


Best for: Young Teens 

Best for: The Whole Family

Best for: Teens & Adults

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